Sunday, March 27, 2011

First Picks

Kamila and I simulated the first five picks in a draft with my cube. I'll post what packs I saw, and then tomorrow I'll add what my choices were and the rationale behind them. It's unlikely it was the best path, since there are so many possibilities - I hope to hear from you what you chose and why.

Pick 1

Pick 2

Pick 3

Pick 4

Pick 5


  1. I think I could pick Royal Assassin / Call of the Herd / Defense of the Heart / Cathodion / Ob Nixilis. The last pack gets way too hard for BG.

    And yes, I know I usually commit way too early. It takes a pretty big bomb for me to change colors at the fourth or so pack.

    It would be fun to go Erratic Portal / Brittle Effigy / something / Cathodion / Vulshok Battlegear. It's actually possible.

    But white is probably the strongest colors in those packs. If I first picked the Condemn (my second option), I would likely end up with five white cards.

  2. PS: You have very open ended packs there. At least three strong options for every pick.

    You picked out the best cards in the 2-5 packs or just took cards out randomly? If it's the first option, I can only imagine that the imaginary people before you are picking red and blue.

  3. I would pick Duress / Puncture Blast / Blightning / Firebolt / Ob Nixilis. I often commit way too early as well...

    And yes, we picked out the best cards in the other packs. Well, I did, as we didn't want Henrique to know what the others had chosen.

  4. Brion Stoutarm, Aurification, Galepowder Mage, Firemane Angel, Vulshok Battlegear.

    After choosing the first one (one of the reasons being I felt like doing red/white), I disconsidered other colors for the following picks. Otherwise, Simic Sky Swallower would very likely be one of my choices.

  5. Brion is good, but I just pick something two-colored if I'm already committed to those colors or if it's an amazing bomb (something like Spiritmonger).